Coats and Sweaters

Coats and Sweaters

Our dog coats and dog sweaters will keep your pet warm and dry this winter. Dog jackets, raincoats, knit sweaters and dog t shirts protect your pet from snow and rain and look fashionable too!

Coats and Sweaters

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RC Skyline Puffy Vests

RC Skyline Puffy Vests are water repellent ripstop…[more]

From $35.99

Shearling Brown Faux Suede Coat

This Shearling Coat is the updated version of the …[more]

From $21.99

Cozy Fleece Sleeper Pajamas

This Cozy Fleece Sleeper is made of soft, heavywei…[more]

Our price $14.99
Warm and Toasty Pajamas

These Warm and Toasty Pajamas are thermal long joh…[more]

From $11.99

Fashion Pet Striped Pajamas

These Striped Pajamas are super soft and very cute…[more]

From $10.49

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker - Yellow

The Rainy Days Slicker is just what your pet needs…[more]

From $9.49

RC Pet Packable Rain Poncho

The RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho is perfect for wh…[more]

Our price $11.99
Classic Turtleneck Sweaters BLUE

This Classic Turtleneck Sweater is made of chunky …[more]

From $11.49

Classic Turtleneck Sweaters RED

This Classic Turtleneck Sweater is made of chunky …[more]

From $11.49

Country Plaid Coats

This Country Plaid Coat is a heavy weight blanket …[more]

From $21.99

Plaid Fleece Coat

This Plaid Fleece Coat has reversible printed plai…[more]

From $14.49

1-11 of 11 items

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