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Books and DVDs

 Cherrybrook offers an extensive library of Books and DVDs on many topics including Dog Breed Books, AKC Books and DVDs, Dog Breeding Books, Dummies Series Books and more.

Books and DVDs

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AKC Books and DVDs

Designed by AKC professionals, these books and videos will enhance anyone's knowledge. Whether it be general or breed specific, you'll find just what you are looking for.…[more]

Kennel Club Books

Kennel Club Books is the world's largest series of dog books. Unlike most other dog books, each Kennel Club Book is written, photographed and entirely focused on the specific breed.…[more]

Jodi Murphy Grooming DVDs

The Jodi Murphy Instructional Series is the most complete instructional series available on DVD to teach you how to become a professional pet stylist.…[more]

Super Styling Sessions DVDs

Super Styling Sessions DVDs with Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs are award winning pet grooming DVDs.…[more]

Health and Grooming

Healthy pets are happy pets! Learn how to groom by professionals, and keep up to date with the latest news in veterinary medicine.…[more]

Conformation and Judging

Learn what it takes, and what the judges look for, in top dogs. Written and produced by top handlers, go behind the scenes for a close look at the competitve world of dog shows.…[more]

Obedience Training and Judging

Step by step instructions on how to train your dog for competitive obedience. Made by professionals, these books and videos go behind the scenes to show you how to get results.…[more]

General Reference

Get information on a variety of topics. Learn how to manage a kennel, or find the perfect name for your next dog.…[more]

Cat Books

Everything you ever wanted to know about cats! From breeding to grooming to specific breeds, it's all here.…[more]


A Cherrybrook Catalog is a wonderful addition to any order! Find the newest version of the Cherrybrook Chris Christensen catalog here. Browse the complete product line of Chris Christensen products, a…[more]

1-10 of 10 items

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