Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog grooming is often more than just a weekly brush. There are many different coat types which each feature their own unique grooming needs. Cherrybrook offers a full line of dog grooming supplies for any breed. Looking for professional dog grooming supplies? We offer everything you need to groom your pet, whether you are a novice groomer or professional groomer. Shop our selection of dog clippers, grooming tables, dog brushes, pet shears, pet scissors, dog dryers and more. We offer brands that have been trusted in the professional grooming industry for their quality and value. We offer brushes by Chris Christensen, dog clippers by Andis, Oster and Wahl, grooming tables from MidWest, General Cage and Precision, and many more trusted brands.

Dog Grooming Supplies

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Aesculap Clippers

Aesculap clippers have become the favorite clipper of groomers and professionals worldwide because of their power, versatility and long lasting durability. Prized in the industry for years, the Aescul…[more]

Andis Clippers

Quiet operating Andis Dog Clippers handle the entire grooming job, from lightweight adjustable blade models, heavy duty motor clippers, cordless models to ear trimmers. Andis has produced the finest q…[more]

Oster Clippers

Designed for exceptional cutting performance, Oster Dog Clippers and Dog Trimmers are powerful enough to handle the toughest job with ease. Oster Clippers are capable of handling everything from gener…[more]

Wahl Clippers

Wahl Dog Clippers and Dog Trimmers are quiet, powerful and comfortable with their ergonomic designs. Wahl provides you with affordable clippers and trimmers that you can count on.…[more]

Aesculap Clipper Blades

Aesculap clipper blades are made with special high quality, German carbon steel giving them excellent edge retention. They do not need to be sharpened as often as regular blades, and due to the high q…[more]

Andis Clipper Blades

Andis Clipper Blades and Accessories are compatible with all Andis Clippers and can also be used with some other brands of detachable type clippers.…[more]

Oster Clipper Blades

Oster Clipper Blades incorporate AgION antimicrobial protection into the surface to control the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, crucial for grooming multiple animals.…[more]

Wahl Clipper Blades

Wahl Clipper Blades are made of precision ground, carbon steel for a harder blade that stays sharper longer. The premium quality, high performance blades feature superior tooth geometry. Manufactured …[more]

Bass Brushes

Bass Brushes are possibly the world's finest pet brush. Made from 100% pure bamboo which is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on earth. Bass Brushes have been…[more]

Chris Christensen Brushes

Chris Christensen brushes are the finest brushes ever made! Cherrybrook carries the full line of pin brushes, slickers and boar brushes.…[more]

Dog Brushes

Cherrybrook carries a huge selection of high quality pin, bristle, slicker and powder brushes for your dog and professional groomers alike.…[more]

Pet Nail Trimmers

Choose from a large selection of professional quality pet nail trimmers. Many different brands and styles of pet nail trimmers including RESCO guillotine style, scissor style, nail grinders, styptic p…[more]

Cherrybrook Shears

Cherrybrook shears are high quality shears designed with the professional in mind. Both the Cherrybrook Eclipse shears and Mirage shears are hand crafted to be balanced, functional and comfortable to …[more]

Chris Christensen Shears

Chris Christensen, renowned in dog shows and show dog grooming, now offers high quality scissors and shears. Cherrybrook carries the new Chris Christensen Jasmine Shears, Chris Christensen Celestial S…[more]


Shears and scissors for every dog grooming need. 4420, Aaronco, Dubl Duck, Fromm, Hauptner and Chris Christensen are among our top brands.…[more]

Chris Christensen Combs

Chris Christensen Buttercombs feature high quality steel teeth and a rounded brass spine. These premium quality dog combs glide through the coat like butter!…[more]


Combs for every breed of dog, and cats too! Greyhound combs in rainbow colors and teflon coating, poodle combs, face combs and more.…[more]

Chris Christensen Dryers

The Chris Christensen dryers are quiet, yet powerful. These dog dryers are available in many styles and colors including the Chris Christensen Kool Dry Dryer, Chris Christensen Kool Dry Raptor and the…[more]

Dryers and Accessories

Cherrybrook offers top of the line dog dryers and grooming equipment. Metro Airforce and Commander dryers, Double K, Edemco, K-9 dryers and more.…[more]

Christensen Stripping Knives

Chris Christensen Stripping Knives are handcrafted and finished to perfection. Available in both right handed and left handed stripping tools.…[more]

Stripping Knives

Stripping Knives, shedding blades, stripping stones and duplex dog dressers for stripping, plucking, mucking and removing dead undercoat.…[more]

Petlift Tubs and Tables

Petlift Tubs and Tables are made in the USA from quality materials and craftsmanship. These dog tubs and dog grooming tables are durable, functional and economical. Browse our selection of Petlift Hyd…[more]

Grooming Tables and More

Dog grooming tables for dog show fanciers and groomers alike! Ringside tables, Hydraulic tables, adjustable and portable grooming tables.…[more]

Pet Wipes

Sometimes a complete bath is just not practical. Browse our selection of Pet Wipes for those times when a quick wipe is all you need.…[more]

View All 29 Items |  1-24 of 29 items Page 1 of 2 2 >

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