Shears and scissors for every dog grooming need. 4420, Aaronco, Dubl Duck, Fromm, Hauptner and Chris Christensen are among our top brands.


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PRIMA 8.5 inch Shear

The PRIMA Shear is a low cost, high value tool spe…[more]

Our price $21.99
4420 Left Hand Shears

These ice tempered, stainless steel shears are har…[more]

Our price $84.99
4420 Taper-Fine Tapering and Thinning Shear

The 4420 Tapering and Thinning Shear is the worlds…[more]

Our price $134.99
Dubl Duck Curved Blunt Tip Scissor 6.5 inch

Is the best style we carry for inexperienced groom…[more]

Our price $46.99
Dubl Duck Filipino 8.25 inch Shear

The Dubl Duck Filipino shear is crafted in Germany…[more]

Our price $62.99
Dubl Duck Mercedes Shears

The Dubl Duck Mercedes Shear has impeccable detail…[more]

From $83.99

Dubl Duck Straight Shear 7.5 inch

Is our most popular in this size. These are the or…[more]

Our price $51.99
Dubl Duck Wonderedge Shear 7.5 inch Straight

Is the most popular in this size. These are the or…[more]

Our price $62.99
Millers Forge 4.5 inch Ear and Nose Scissor

Is the finest quality grooming tool available.…[more]

Our price $8.99
Millers Forge 46-tooth Thinning Shear

The Millers Forge Thinning Shear is handmade to th…[more]

Our price $89.99
Millers Forge Pet Grooming Scissor 5.75 inch

The Miller Forge Pet Grooming Scissor is an all pu…[more]

Our price $10.49
CHAMP Shears by Aaronco

The CHAMP Shears are forged of carbon steel and ar…[more]

From $19.99

Hauptner Scissors

The Hauptner Scissors are imported directly from S…[more]

From $39.99

SHOGUN Scissors

The SHOGUN Scissors from Aaronco hold their edge l…[more]

From $499.99

Anvil Flex Touch Scissors

Flex touch says it all! Soft & Flexible coated han…[more]

Our price $22.99
Anvil 7.5 inch Curved Ball Point Classic Shear

The Anvil Curved Ball Point Classic Shear is desig…[more]

Our price $24.99
Anvil Full Form Scissors

The Anvil Full Form Scissors have a sharp, attract…[more]

From $49.99

FROMM E-Z Edge Shears

Meticulously manufactured, these shears are a supe…[more]

From $17.99

1-18 of 18 items

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