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PlaqueOff 60gm bottle


PlaqueOff is a 100 percent natural supplement to prohibit tartar, plaque build up and bad breath in dogs and cats. This easy to use powder is simply added on a daily basis to wet or dry food. When ingested, the natural compound in PlaqueOff comes out through the saliva and works to break down the bacterial biofilm that forms on teeth and gums, preventing bacteria from taking hold and colonizing. It does not change the pH of the mouth or kill off the normal levels of bacteria. Patients generally see results over a 2-8 week period, and continue to see future benefits with regular use. Developed in Sweden, PlaqueOff is made from a natural vegetable substance derived from a specific strain of seaweed harvested above Norway and Iceland in the Polar Circle. This product is made only from this seaweed and contains no additives or chemicals. Human grade and human tested.

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