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Back on Track Therapeutic Dog Hock Wrap

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The Back on Track Therapeutic Dog Hock Wrap supports & stabilizes your dog's hock, limiting the range of motion to prevent any further injuries. The ceramic fibers in the Welltex fabric reflects your dog's body heat, which promotes healing, pain relief, and flexibility through increased blood flow. Click here to find the perfect size!

  • The Dog Hock Wrap was designed to help heal injuries quickly and ease pain.
  • Designed to fit the hind leg and hock area
  • Features 4 securing Velcro straps
  • Lined with the Welltex fabric
  • Easily adjustable
  • Includes 2 wraps


To find your dog’s size, refer to the sizing chart in the link below while following the measuring instructions. Measure the circumference of your dog’s leg at point B. Next, measure the circumference of the leg at point C. Finally, measure the distance between the two points, in a straight line, as shown in Point A.



Length (A) -- 7.25" 7.75" 8.75" --
Width at Top (B) -- 6.25" 6.75" 7.5" --
Width at Bottom (C) -- 4.75" 5.25" 6" --

About Welltex

  • Welltex is a ceramic infused fabric used in all Back on Track products
  • Ceramic reflects the body warmth causing the body to increase blood circulation
  • As circulation increases cells receive greater nutrition, tissues regain elasticity, and injuries heal faster
  • This ceramic technology is permanently infused into the fibers so there is no loss of benefit when laundered, line dry only
  • Significant results can be seen in as little as 3 days
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Back on Track Therapeutic Dog Hock Wrap

Back on Track Therapeutic Dog Hock Wrap