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Before the Groom DVD by Jodi Murphy

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Jodi Murphy, Master Certified Pet Stylist, covers all aspects to prepare your dogs for the grooming process. Being one of the top grooming competitors in the world, Jodi understands that proper coat preparation is a matter of winning or losing in the contest ring. In this 1 hour and 50 minute DVD Jodi will share the proper coat preparation that will help you not only get a beautiful finish on your dogs but will help your grooms last. Two coat types will be demonstrated with correct bathing and drying techniques. Learn how to get those poodle coats straight, drop coats to fall properly and back coats to lay flat. From bathing techniques, water temperature, ears, nail clipping, nail grinding, brushing and combing techniques, this DVD is packed with the information that is the foundation to help you achieve the best possible finished product. This DVD is not only for bathers, groomers and pet owners but also grooming contest competitors.
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