Champions Club

Join the new improved online Cherrybrook Champions Club Rewards Program!
We have improved our online Champions Club Rewards Program so that you have more exciting ways to earn and redeem loyalty rewards!

Earning and using your rewards is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. For every $1 spent you will receive 1 Gold Chip. goldchip.jpg

2. You will also be able to earn Blue Chips bluechip.jpg simply by engaging with our website and our social community. Blue chips can be earned for things like:
• Daily visits to our website
• Following Cherrybrook on social media
• Sharing our product pages with your friends and posting our products on your social networks
• Writing product reviews
• Inviting a friend to join our Champions Club or to view some of our products
• and more!

3. You can use Gold Chips or both Gold and Blue Chips to earn coupon code discounts towards your online purchases.

Your chips never expire and our improved Champions Club Program is free to use!

To see how to set up your Champions Club Rewards Program account and to see it in action, please watch this video.

* This program is online only. Chips can only be used and redeemed online!


Join the Cherrybrook Champions Club in Stores and at Shows!
Having a happy, healthy pet is its own reward, but we think you deserve a little something extra. That's why we created the Cherrybrook Champions Club - our customer appreciation program that rewards you for treating your pet to the best.

Earn a $5 Champions Club Rewards for every $250 you spend in Cherrybrook stores and at shows! Champions Club Rewards can be redeemed at our Cherrybrook retail stores and at our booth at any Dog Show we attend. Plus you'll receive valuable Cherry Picks coupons. Join today and you will start earning your rewards with your first in store Cherrybrook purchase!

How do I join the Cherrybrook Champions Club?
Joining the Cherrybrook Champions Club is easy and free! Simply visit any of our retail store locations or our show booth at any of the dog shows we attend and our associates will sign you up.

How do I know if I've earned Rewards?
We can check your points balance and rewards right at the register.

How do I redeem my Rewards?
Champions Club Rewards can be redeemed at any of our retail store locations or at our show booth at any of the dog shows we attend. You will now be able to redeem your rewards immediately after they are earned and you no longer have to wait for the monthly email. You can choose to use your rewards right away or you can let your rewards accumulate to redeem on future purchases.

What are qualifying purchases?
Purchases made at any of our retail stores and at our show booth at dog shows will accrue towards your Champions Club Rewards. Gift card purchases will not count towards your Rewards accrual.

Do my Rewards expire?
No, Rewards do not expire.