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Chris Christensen Double Coat Bag Deal

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Buy 6" T-Rake Drop N Drag Metal De-tangling Rake and get one 16oz bottle of ProLine Fair Advantage Shampoo for FREE!

Each bag deal includes

  • One 16-ounce bottle of ProLine Fair Advantage Shampoo
  • One 6" Drop N Drag Metal T-Rake

Chris Christensen ProLine Fair Advantage shampoo contains conditioning ingredients that help to reduce static, add additional moisture, build body and prevent coat breakage. This premium shampoo adds volume, body, and shine to dry, flyaway, and frizzy coats.

The Drop N Drag Metal T-Rake by Chris Christensen offers both optimum style and functionality when working with thick double coats. Featuring a 6.25" ergonomic handle with 6" head for extra comfort, the rake's 1.25" teeth are spaced 6 per inch, staggered front to back. This perfectly-weighted rake performs half of the work for you while removing knots and tangles. The light weight of 11 ounces reduces strain on wrists and hands.

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