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Crown Royale Sporting Dog EquiGroomer Shedding Tool

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Originally made for horses,and now built with your pet in mind, the Crown Royale Sporting Dog EquiGroomer is a perfect groomer tool for pets of all shapes and sizes! Perfect for heavy shedding pets as it specifically grabs dead hair by the ends so there is no tugging or harm done to fur or skin, leaving your furry friend with a shiny beautiful coat every time and leaving your home with less hair around than you've ever seen before! The EquiGroomer can also be used on pet beds so your pet won't be picking up or laying in hair they have already shed.

  • Made of Natural Cedar
  • Built with anti-rust and deterioration technology
  • Does all the work while not causing pain to your lifetime companion
  • Works flawlessly on pet beds
  • Keeps your house looking cleaner than ever!
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