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  • Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Biovite 2

Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Biovite 2

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Product Description

Crown Royale Triple Play Packs open the doors to a whole new ball game. Each pack contains three trial sizes of Crown Royale products of the same formulation for your specific breed coat type. These products produce the best results when used in conjunction. Try some today, and see the game changing difference.

Biovite Shampoo #2, Ready to Use

  • Delivers superfine texture with appropriate body
  • Fortified with biotin/panthenol and allantoin
  • Deep cleans and conditions coat and skin, revitalizes damaged hair

Condition Plus, Concentrate

  • Delivers spectacular body and bounce
  • Allows for fantastic control and sheen

Magic Touch #2, Ready to Use

  • Formulated with conditioners and optical brighteners
  • Enhances fine textured coats
  • Promotes natural, silky texture

For help in choosing the perfect Biovite and Magic Touch Formula for your dog breed, check out this handy breed list.

Product Reviews

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  1. great

    Posted by kristin on Mar 9th 2017

    the best set i have found for my golden retriever. makes his coat clean and shinny. smells great. i bought the full size.

  2. A pleasant product for Chihuahua coats

    Posted by Keipos on Jan 27th 2017

    I think it's great that this product is being offered in this trial size. I wish more products would also be available in these sizes.

    I use this on both my long coat and smooth coat Chihuahuas with pleasant results. The shampoo was pretty basic, a green gel type, nice subtle scent. The conditioner is a concentrated product that needs to be split with water. I found it tricky to apply since in it's diluted form is very watery. It just soaks into the coat and can be difficult to know how much is applied and to what areas of the dog.

    I blow out my long coat and finish with a mist of the finishing spray which creates a shiny, silky end result. Not too shiny though. I feel like the coat is still light enough to create some more volume, if desired. The scent of the dog after grooming is a little reminiscent of faint old-man cologne, but certainly not unpleasant.

    My hang-up with a lot of other products is that they can leave the coat feeling stripped of natural oils and can leave the dog feeling dull and dry. I felt that these products left the dogs with some natural oils which makes them shine after grooming without that stringy texture. I could tell this especially in my smooth coat who tends to get a dry, almost bristly, coat with other products. He's very smooth now a few days after grooming.

    I cannot speak for dogs with higher maintenance coats, but for my Chihuahuas, it's a product that will result in nice coats.