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Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Biovite 3

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Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Biovite 3 provides a product for each step in the process of giving a thick, full-bodied texture to your dog's coat. This bundle contains three 4oz sized trial bottles specially formulated for your dog's coat type; the small size makes this product ideal for use at shows or as a sample pack. These products work best when used in conjunction with each other, delivering results after the first wash!

Biovite Shampoo #3, Ready to Use

  • Delivers superfine texture with appropriate body
  • Fortified with biotin/panthenol and allantoin
  • Deep cleans and conditions coat and skin, revitalizes damaged hair

Bodifier Texturizing Spray, Ready to Use

  • Texturizes coat while adding sheen and fullness
  • Strengthens coat, helping to prevent breakage

Magic Touch #3, Ready to Use

  • Formulated with conditioners and optical brighteners
  • Enhances fine textured coats
  • Promotes natural, silky texture

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Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Biovite 3

Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Biovite 3