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Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Deep Cleansing 1

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Crown Royale Triple Play Pack Deep Cleansing 1 provides the necessary Crown Royal products to deep clean, detangle, and revitalize your dog's coat. Each bottle comes in a 4oz size meant for sampling; the best resulted are delivered when all three products are used in conjunction. 

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

  • Leaves the coat with a luxurious sheen
  • High lathering, deep cleans and conditions

Condition Plus, Concentrate

  • Delivers spectacular body and bounce
  • Allows for fantastic control and sheen

Ultimate Detangling Spray, Ready to Use

  • Unique and easy to use
  • Removes tangles from wet or dry coats
  • Formulated to help prevent staining and repel dirt and urine
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