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Diamondg Rotary Nail Grinders

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The Diamondg Rotary Nail Grinder is perfect for both grooming professionals and pet owners. These unique pet nail grinder tool bits will not wear out or overheat with use. Each bit contains a proprietary channel that not only grinds the bottom, but also the sides, of the nails leaving a smooth, and painless, finish.  Once you have the nail at the desired length, the finer tip polishes it off with a finer 120 grit.

  • Set comes in a beautiful bamboo box for easy storage and includes one small Little Lola bit and one large Big Casey bit
  • Best for short-haired dogs
  • Steel construction helps to alleviate nails from heating up
  • Fit most rotary tools including Dremel Brand
  • Easy to clean with tooth brush and soapy water
  • Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer

About the Bits

Little Lola Bit

  • For short-haired dogs up to 30 pounds
  • Finer 80 Grit body
  • 120 Grit Proprietary Polishing Bowl

Big Casey Bit

  • For short-haired dogs 30 pounds and over
  • 60 Grit body
  • 120 Grit Proprietary Polishing Bowl
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Diamondg Rotary Nail Grinders

Diamondg Rotary Nail Grinders