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E-Z Groom EZ-Glide Detangling Conditioning Spray 16oz

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E-Z Groom EZ-Glide Detangling Conditioning Spray acts to repair damaged cuticles, restore life & volume to a dull coat to restore a silky feeling, and improves wet & dry combing. With the use of a dematting brush, EZ-Glide works to remove tough mats in your pet's fur, improving manageability and hair health. 

  • May be used on cats
  • Repairs cuticles, adds a silky feel to the coat, and improves manageability
  • Detangles and helps to remove mats
  • Made in USA
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DI Water, Dimethyl Siloxane, Quaternium 76 Hydrolyzed Collagen, Dimethicone Copolyol, Dicetyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Quaternium 14, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Natural Fragrance


Shake well before using. Prior to bathing the pet, lightly spray EZ-Glide on the mats. Using a dematting brush, comb through the matted coat. In the case of extremely matted pets, use a mat breaker to break through the mat. Re-spray lightly with EZ-Glide and continue to comb. Bathe the pet with any EZ-Groom shampoo of your choice to remove excess conditioner. May be used on cats.

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