Garwood Store Events

Saturday, May 19th
11am - 2pm

Brendan's Meadows Rescue
Come out and support Brendan's Meadows Rescue as they work to help at risk dogs! Meet their latest dogs that are available for fostering or adoption and see what is new in their organization.

Sunday, May 20th
11am - 3pm

Animal Communicator: Lorraine B. Moore
Lorraine B. Moore is a pet psychic/clairvoyant who also has the ability to communicate with animals. She can interpret messages from them and find out what’s on their minds. Cost is $25 per 15 minute session. Cash or check. Please make checks payable to Lorraine B. Moore. Reservations required.

Saturday, May 26th
11am - 2pm

Cause 4 Paws Cat & Kitten Adoption
Cause 4 Paws, Inc. is a small, all-volunteer feline rescue group. They have been in existence for almost 14 years and have already found homes for over 2,500 orphaned cats. They rescue cats and kittens from local neighborhoods and area shelters that would otherwise be euthanized.


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