Gift Certificate FAQ

Do I receive confirmation of my online gift certificate purchase?
Yes, you will receive an order confirmation shortly after placing your order.

When will the online gift certificate be delivered to the recipient?
The online gift certificate is emailed to the recipient immediately after we have confirmed payment.

My recipient didn't receive her online gift certificate, why?
If you placed your order over the weekend, the payment may need to be verified. Payment will be verified on the next business day.

I have an online gift certificate. Where do I enter the code that was emailed to me?
You may enter the online gift certificate number into the "Redeem Gift Certificate" code box in your shopping cart.

To view a video tutorial on how to purchase a Gift Certificate online, click here.

Please contact customer service before you place your order if you have the following Gift Cards or Gift Certificates:

Cherry Cherrybrook Champions Club Reward
Cherry Cherrybrook Gift Certificate purchased from our old website
Cherry Cherrybrook Gift Card from one of our retail stores
Cherry Purina Gift Certificate

These types of gift cards must be validated manually by our customer service team. Please call 1-800-524-0820 or email

You may also utilize the Live Chat feature on our website. To view a video tutorial on how to use the Live Chat feature, click here.