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Jelly Pet Multipurpose Dog Leash

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  • Jelly Pet Multipurpose Dog Leash
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Jelly Pet Multipurpose Dog Leashes allow you to customize your leash to fit any situation. With four different styles and eight configurations, this waterproof leash is sure to keep up with your outdoor activities in any scenario. Mix and match with a Jelly Pet Collar to complete your pet's look.

  • Pliable, durable, and strong
  • Waterproof and easy to clean, just wipe down
  • Resists odor, bacteria, mold, dirt, and grime buildup
  • Provides control through four different styles while still being easy to use; always make sure the end with the sliding o-ring is closest to your dog
  • Slip Style Leash: Fasten the clip closest to the dog to the sliding o-ring to create a slip loop to use in place of a collar, with the clip towards your body. Recommended for training purposes only, or in temporary situations when a collar isn't present
  • Handsfree:

    • Crossbody Leash: Clip the end closest to you on the o-ring in the leash's center. Position the loop over your head and shoulder, allowing it to cross your body. A poop bag holder can be hung from the chest ring
    • Waist Leash: Clip end the closest to you directly to the leash material, ensuring that the leash is securely inside the clip with it closing completely
    • Hitching Leash: Wrap the clip closest to you around a pole, tree, or other secure hitch and connect to the most ideal o-ring
  • Two Dog Leash: Slide the clip closest to you through the largest center o-ring, forming a handheld loop. Connect each clip to a dog.
  • Adjustable Length: Clip your end to the desired o-ring to form a comfortable handle to form different sized leashes (3 feet, 5 feet, or 7 feet)
  • Stitching joins with strong internal webbing to reinforce joints
  • Manufactured in Ohio, assembled in Wisconsin
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Jelly Pet Multipurpose Dog Leash

Jelly Pet Multipurpose Dog Leash