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Mascoti Quickie Beef Trachea 3" - 8-Pack

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The Mascoti Quickie Beef Trachea is pre-cooked and then meticulously scraped by hand with a knife, removing all of the fat and grease for a healthier chew. Once the grease and fat are gone, the trachea are cooked again in order to create a soft chew that will be gentle on your dog's teeth.

  • 100% Grass fed beef from family owned cattle ranches
  • Smaller 3" size allows for proper portions to avoid overeating
  • Made from two entire beef tracheas
  • Softer chew that is gentle on teeth and gums
  • Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Chemical-Free, Preservative-Free and Additive-Free
  • Small batch cooked in brick ovens for a long-lasting savory flavor
  • Product of the Dominican Republic

NOTE: Supervise your pet when feeding this item, and always have plenty of water on hand. Once the chew becomes moist from your dog's saliva, odor or color transfer to fabrics or rugs in your home may occur.

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