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Open Farm
Know What's In Their Bowl 
Every Open Farm recipe is designed to give your pet what they need using only the world's best ingredients. By raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, Open Farm is revolutionizing the pet food industry. They do this in three ways:
Premium Nutrition Solutions
Their premium quality recipes are made from only the world’s best ingredients. From sourcing to production, Open Farm's nutrition meets the highest standard of quality & care.
Ethically Sourced Ingredients
Open Farm holds true to their core value that all farm animals should be raised with kindness and respect. When you have animals that are happier and healthier, you have a higher quality of meat.
Full Transparency From Farm to Bowl
Open Farm never wants you to feel like your pet’s food is a mystery. They ensure that pet parents have the ability to instantly trace the origin of every ingredient in their bag of Open Farm pet food.
Want to know more? Let's break it down.
Open Farm
Wholesome  Ingredients
All recipes are made with meats sourced from high welfare family farms and fruits & veggies that are exclusively non-GMO. 
Recipes Rich
In Meats
Meats are raised humanely and naturally without any antibiotics or hormones and have no artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers.
Whether your pet has a food sensitivity or allergy, Open Farm has solution-based diets for all life stages and needs.
Open Farm
Animal Welfare
Open Farm partner with independent, industry leading, farm animal welfare organizations whose sole focus to ensure the humane treatment of animals raised for food production.
Sustainable Practices
By sourcing wild-caught seafood through sustainable methods, Open Farm recipes are made from fish that lived a natural life and consumed no artificial feed or antibiotics.  
Sustainable Packaging
Open Farm created the first nationwide pet food bag recycling program. Their bags are repurposed into affordable, innovative materials and products.
Open Farm
Every bag of Open Farm comes with a lot code on it. See where your pet's food is sourced from by entering the lot code on Open Farm's website and receive a detailed report tracing the origins of each ingredient. 
View a sample report here:
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