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Safari Cat Bristle Brush

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Your cat will love to be brushed and groomed with this Bristle Brush for Cats from Safari. This soft bristle brush helps to remove tangles and loose hair. With regular use the Bristle Brush will also help to reduce shedding.

  • Soft bristles distribute natural oils for a shiny coat
  • Regular use may help to minimize shedding and resulting hairballs
  • The plastic grip is easy to hold and comfortable to use


Begin brushing from the head, toward the tail and down the legs. For longhaired cats, separate the hair in sections, brushing each area until all mats and tangles have been removed. For shorthaired cats, use long strokes brushing in the direction of hair growth. Be sure to brush areas behind the ears, base of tail, abdomen and hind legs.

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Safari Cat Bristle Brush

Safari Cat Bristle Brush