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Simple Solution True Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps

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  • Simple Solution True Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps
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Simple Solution Disposable Male Wraps are designed to protect your home from accidents and restore peace for you and your male dog. Perfect for incontinence, excitable urination, male marking issues, and travel. These disposable male wraps provide a soft, leak-proof fit with adjustable, Fur-Friendly Fasteners®.

  • Designed to fit male dogs specifically
  • Fit comfortably and securely no matter how wiggly your dog is
  • Unique stretchy material
  • Fur-Friendly Fasteners® allow you to tuck him in just right without sticking to his fur.
  • Leak-proof barriers and the super absorbent core will see to it that the pee stays where you want it, and doesn't get all over where you don't
  • Perfect for male dogs with incontinence, excitable urination, or marking issues
  • Wetness indicator tell you when a change is needed

NOTE: For female dogs, use Simple Solution Female Dog Diapers.

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Additional Information


Wrap Size
Waist Size
Under 10 lbs
9" - 14"
10 - 25 lbs
12" - 19"
25 - 50 lbs
15" - 23"
50 - 75 lbs
18" - 27"


Position the wrap so that the absorbent pad covers your dog's genitals.

Pull the adjustable closure around his back and fasten to Simple Solution logo area for a secure fit. Change when soiled.

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