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Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Dog Dinners
Dogs are carnivores and they deserve to thrive on real, minimally-processed food. The less processed foods are and the closer they stay to their natural state; the more nutrition they hold. Stella & Chewy's Dinners are specifically formulated for your dog's nutritional needs and are made with premium ingredients.

• 90-95% meat, nutrient-rich organs, & bone
• Grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught, or farm-raised protein
• 100% organic fruits & vegetables
• No grains, gluten, fillers, added hormones, or antibiotics
• 100% complete & balanced for all life stages

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Cat Dinners
Cats are obligate carnivores so it's vital to their health that they be fed a grain free diet rich in animal proteins. Stella & Chewy's Dinners are specifically formulated for your cat’s nutritional needs and made with premium ingredients.

• 98% meat, nutrient-rich organs, & bone
• Cage-free, wild-caught, or farm-raised protein
• No grains, gluten, fillers, added hormones or antibiotics
• Rich in taurine & probiotics
• 100% complete & balanced for all life stages

How is Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Food Made?
First, all products start as frozen, raw patties, mixers of nuggets. At this stage, all moisture in the product is ice. Then, the product goes into the freeze-dryer which applies a vacuum at extremely cold temperatures. Next, while in the freeze-dryer, ice changes to water vapor transforming the frozen food to dry without ever thawing out. Finally, after 20 hours in the freeze-dryer, the product becomes shelf stable, freeze-dried patties, mixers, or nuggets ready for packaging.

Stella & Chewy's: High Pressure Process Video from Kristy Heilenday on Vimeo.

Where is Stella & Chewy's Made?
All Stella & Chewy's products are made at their FDA-inspected plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stella and Chewy's works closely with their suppliers, all of whom have filed letters of guarantee confirming each ingredient is wholesome and fully compliant with federal regulations to ensure the highest quality ingredients are being used.

Where are the Ingredients Sourced?
They source their grass-fed beef from North America, Australia, and New Zealand, cage-free chicken from North America, and wild caught salmon from North America. All fruits and vegetables are certified organic, and sourced from North and South America. Vitamins and minerals are added to make each dinner complete and balanced as determined by AFFCO. Probiotics and antioxidants are added to each dinner to further enhance each recipe.

What is HPP?
All products are manufactured using Stella & Chewy's patented SecureByNature food safety process. A key feature of that process is High Pressure Processing (HPP). All of the Stella & Chewy's products are cold-pressed, using water a pressure equal to that found at the bottom of the ocean (87,000 lbs. per quare inch), where harmful bacteria cannot survive.

HPP kills pathogens and harmful bacteria without high temperatures. It remains the only recognized process to not use heat as used in pasteurization, chemicals, preservatives, or irradiation, which while effective, can also erode the flavor, texture, color, and nutrition of food.

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