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Steves Real Food Freeze Dried

Steve's Real Food
Interested in raw feeding but don't have the freezer space? Want to give your kibble a nutrition packed upgrade? 
Give Steve's Real Food Freeze Dried a try! 
$5 Off Any Steve's Real Food
Freeze Dried Diet 

Valid June 1st - June 14th 2020, only in stores
Every Steve’s Freeze Dried formula is balanced and complete, using only 100% natural, human-grade, USDA inspected, free-range meats and unprocessed whole and functional foods.

Try one of their six flavors: beef, chicken, pork, turkey, turducken, and lamu. 
Steve's Real Food
Freeze Dried Raw Feed vs. Frozen Raw
The Steve's Real Food freeze-dried pet foods use the same great formulas that our frozen foods do. The difference between frozen and freeze dried is simple: freeze dried uses a cold freeze-dry process to remove the moisture. That means they can take their formula from frozen to freeze-dried without thawing or cooking it. By freeze-drying, the nutritional quality and consistency is preserved -- essentially putting the food “on hold” for an extended time. 

Removing moisture from raw pet food deactivates any bacteria or enzymes that would otherwise greatly shorten its shelf life and compromise its nutritional quality.

Because its long and stable shelf life allows you to store it at room temperature for long periods, it doesn’t crowd your freezer. And because it's so lightweight and rehydrates quickly by adding warm water or goat milk, it's convenient to take on the go. 

To read more about Steve's Real Food freeze dried formulas, click the link below!
Steve's Real Food
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