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The Culinary Canine

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The Culinary Canine - Great Chefs Cook for Their Dogs - And So Can You. More dog owners cook for their dogs, not only as a special treat but also for everyday meals. It is a healthier, safer alternative to store-bought dog food. But what about gourmet chefs- Do they cook for their companion pets too. Of course they do. The author of Culinary Canine interviewed highly regarded chefs from around the nation and asked them what their dogs favorite dishes are. Colorful photographs and delicious recipes accompany each interview and the reader is given insight into a dogs life with a master of the kitchen. The Culinary Canine not only allows readers a peek into the life of a chefs best friend, but also gives them a chance to be gourmet chefs for their own pampered pooches. 176 pages. Paperback 7.5in x 9.5in. Books are non-returnable.

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