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Tomlyn Earoxide for Dogs and Cats 4oz

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Earoxide is recommended as a necessary part of good grooming, just like brushing and shampooing. Earoxide may be used before treatment with other ear medications. With some ear cleaners, you have to probe the ear canal - not with Earoxide. Earoxide contains the foaming and cleansing agent Carbamide peroxide and glycerin to soften the earwax.

  • EASY! No swabbing or probing of ear canal
  • Effective and painless
  • Unique bubbling action
  • Works instantly
  • Economical 4oz solution 

Directions: Fill the ear canal with Earoxide and gently massage by pressing on the external ear canal. After a few minutes, allow your pet to shake his head to throw out the dissolved material. Then wipe away the debris. It is as simple as that. No cleaning, no swabbing, no probing. 

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Contains carbamide peroxide 6.5% in a stabilized glycerin base.
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Tomlyn Earoxide for Dogs and Cats 4oz

Tomlyn Earoxide for Dogs and Cats 4oz