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Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Light Rolling Cart Room Sanitizer- Stainless Steel

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The Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Stainless Steel Room Rolling Cart Appliance utilizes 2 powerful UV-C bulbs to generate 60W of germ killing light. The UVC Rolling Cart efficiently kills pathogens in the air that is exposed to the light. The UV-C bulbs are fitted with shatterproof technology to prevent breakage and shattering. An easy-gliding with 4 sturdy locking wheels makes it easy to move, and to keep in place.Included with a multi-positional bulb arm, a bulb protection closet, and extra fuses are included! The highly reflective stainless steel body helps to reflect light and increase the overall effectiveness of the UVC light. Great for rooms such as kennels, stock rooms, churches, grooming salons, waiting rooms, schools, and any other serviceable room.

Lab Results:

S. aureus (Staph) bacteria kills 99.98% (30 min)

S. enterica (Salmonella) bacteria kills 99.9993% (30 min)

B. bronchiseptica Virus (Canine Cough) kills 99.995% (30 min)

Caution: We recommend the use of UV safety glasses while operating. Do not look at the light or allow skin exposure. Do not allow any animals to be present during use. Not recommended for medical/hospital use as an alternative to disinfecting procedures.

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