Washington Store Events

Thursday, October 31st, Sunday, November 17th, Friday, November 29th
Nutri Source Pet Food Demo
A Nutrisource food representative will be in the Washington store to talk about Nutrisource food and demo products. Stop by with your pet to try!

Sunday, November 10th
Laughing Bark Dog Spa Nail Trimming
Linda from Laughing Bark Dog Spa will be available at Cherrybrook Washington to clip your pets' nails and clean their ears. Please make your reservation today by calling 908-537-2400. 
Sunday, November 10th, Sunday, December 1st
Farmina Pet Food Demo
Farmina Pet Food contains no GMO ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and has a low glycemic index. A Farmina Food representative will be in the store to answer all your questions. Free samples will be available.
Sunday, November 17th, Sunday, December 1st
Grandma Lucy's Pet Food Demo
A representative of Grandma Lucy's will be in the store to talk about their food. Samples will be available.