About Us

Cherrybrook, established in 1969, has a long history as a premiere vendor for elite show dog participants, breeders, groomers and dog enthusiasts. Cherrybrook was built on the belief that customers want to feel confident in their purchase decisions. We serve our community with best-in-class inspiration, education, and product recommendations. We are committed to garnering customer trust and loyalty with everything we do.

Cherrybrook’s rich history and reputation for curating the best in pet enthusiast products with the help of an esteemed panel of professionals and evaluation protocols. Our panel is comprised of a balanced mix of award-winning dog show exhibitors, breeders, professional pet groomers, trainers, pet care service providers and pet enthusiasts.

Cherrybrook is a proud supporter of Patriot Service Dogs.  Each month we donate needed supplies for these hard-working animals so they can be their best for their US military Veteran dependents and their families.