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Aesculap FAV5 Corded Clipper - The German Red Clipper

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The Aesculap FAV5 has become the favorite clipper of groomers and professionals worldwide because of its power, versatility and long lasting durability. Prized in the industry for years, the Aesculap clipper is a true workhorse designed for use on all coat types. In fact, it is so powerful that it goes through the thickest coat like a hot knife through butter, even shearing a "once a year dog" effortlessly. This Red Clipper from Germany has unmatched cutting power with an extremely strong, 1.5 HP motor which runs at 2,300 strokes per minute. Because it is so powerful, it does not need to run at a very high speed keeping it cooler than other faster running clippers. The unique cutting system on the Aesculap FAV5 features adjustable blade pressure which ensures consistently high cutting power. The strong ball-bearing motor is extremely reliable and will serve you for decades! NO MORE REPLACING YOUR CLIPPER EVERY YEAR! In fact, customers have been known to use their Aesculap clipper for more than thirty years! Only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of this clipper and all parts are produced in Germany and assembled and tested by German craftsmen. The wear-resistant oscillating lever is made of solid steel, not plastic and this German Red Clipper is housed in an unbreakable casing. The slim shape and well balanced casing gives an excellent grip which still allows a quick switch-of-the-hand position and provides fatigue-free clipping. The Aesculap FAV5 features smooth and vibration-free running with a ball bearing motor, optimum fit between the lever and blade system, and a vibration-damping casing. The on-off switch is easily accessible, yet out of regular use area to avoid accidental switching. The Aesculap FAV5 works with all types of detachable blades. This US version, 110V clipper has a 12-foot cord and weighs 650grams )20 ounces(.

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