Artero Cosmetics

Founded in 1909, Barcelona, Spain, Artero has had over 107 years experience in distributing and manufacturing products for the care and hygiene of your pets. The care of our pet’s coat requires the use of specific products, designed and manufactured under strict quality controls, combining the experience of groomers, vets and breeders alike. The Artero cosmetics line is produced in Barcelona with natural products that protect our pet’s coat and skin. None of their ingredients are animal based. Artero cosmetics are fully approved by the Spanish Department of Agriculture, Fish and Produce. As a leader in the Pet Industry, Artero has expanded horizons and is now present in over 35 countries worldwide, including Asia, Europe, America, South America and Australia. Presently directed by the 4th generation of the Artero family, brothers Edu and Alex are now introducing their latest and best selling products in the United States. They are sure that groomers and pet owners alike, will find something within the Artero family of products that will be the perfect solution for your specific grooming needs.