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Cindra Cleansing Shampoo Concentrate for Dogs

$9.95 - $59.99
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Cindra Cleansing Shampoo is tough enough to clean the dirtiest coat or to make white coats sparkling white. This every-day shampoo removes grease, oil, and dirt in just one lather! For dry coats, follow up with a second wash with Cindra Moisturizing Shampoo; for dull, limp coats use a second lather of Cindra Texturizing Shampoo and see a remarkable difference.

  • Cleans the toughest grease, oil and dirt from the coat
  • Removes dullness from a white coat
  • To soften up dry coats, use before Cindra Moisturizing Shampoo, or use with Cindra Texturizing Shampoo to clean dull, limp coats
  • No bleaching or bluing, safe on all colors
  • Easy-to-rinse
  • Low-foaming formula
  • Highly concentrated, may be diluted 16:1
  • Made in USA
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