Grizzly Super Food

Super Food (noun): A nutrient rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellness.

Grizzly Super Food

New Grizzly Super Food
Ultra-Premium Food for Dogs & Cats

Grizzly Super Food is a great way to optimize your pet's health. It's made from sustainably sourced wild Alaskan salmon, which makes up 85% of the food. Grizzly Super Food also contains all 10 essential amino acids, those extremely important building blocks. Grizzly contains more amino acids than most other super-premium dog foods. Because of the nutrient density of Grizzly Super Food you will feed considerably less to your dog compared to other premium foods for the same nutritional outcome.

Ten Essential Amino Acids in Grizzly Super Food:
• Arginine 3.5% (min)
• Methionine-Cystine 2.6% (min)
• Histidine 2.2% (min)
• Phenylalanine-Tyrosine 4.5% (min)
• Isoleucine 1.5% (min)
• Threonine 0.65% (min)
• Leucine 4.2% (min)
• Tryptophan 4.5% (min)
• Lysine 2.7% (min)
• Valine 3.2% (min)

Grizzly Super Food is a low glycemic, high protein super food for dogs and cats. Certified by the Glycemic Research Institute with a glycemic index of 18, this diet is suitable for diabetic dogs or cats and for dogs with pancreatitis.

To top it all off, Grizzly Super Food is made by Grizzly right in Washington state, USA!

Grizzly Super Food can be fed as a complete diet or as an omega boost added to the kibble you are currently feeding. It comes in two preparations: Oven Baked or Dehydrated.

Dehydrated vs. Oven Baked
Dehydrated Food:
• Dehydrated has a higher micro-nutrient retention than baked
• Dehydrated is made from mostly salmon fillets
• Dehydrated is meant to compliment your freeze dried foods or raw diets

Oven Baked Food:
• Oven baked is mostly salmon meal with some minced salmon after the fillets have been removed
• Oven baked has a lower micro-nutrient retention than dehydrated, but still higher than any other heat-extruded food
• Oven baked is meant to be a complete diet

Only choice ingredients are used in Grizzly Super Food:
• Sustainably caught wild Alaskan salmon - more digestible than poultry & meat proteins
• No grains, gluten, potatoes, peas, or legumes
• Organic coconut meal for fiber & digestibility
• Organic quinoa sprouts for natural vitamins & minerals
• Superior omega-3s from wild Alaskan salmon
• Salmon & cod liver oils for vitamins A & D
• Packed with ten essential amino acids
• No synthetic ingredients or preservatives

Ways to Feed:
• As a complete meal
• As an add in
• As a training treat

You can only find Grizzly Super Food in Cherrybrook stores. Grizzly Super Food is not available through any online retailers!

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Grizzly Super Food Promotion
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View the Grizzly Super Food Feeding Guideline:

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