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How To Trim Pet Nails

How to Trim Pet Nails Featuring Resco

Nail trimming is an important part of caring for your pet. When a pet's nails get too long they press into the ground or floor and hurt the paw. It can also result in your pet sliding around on slippery surfaces and falling. When you start to hear tap, tap, tap on the floor when your pet walks by, it's already past nail clipping time. Follow these steps to select the appropriate nail trimmer for your pet and how to properly trim your pet's nails.

Step 1: Select Your Resco Nail Trimmer


Need help selecting the correct Resco Nail Trimmer? Check out this helpful size guide.

Resco Nail Trimmers Pet Examples Chart

Step 2: Trim Your Pet's Nails
Tools Needed:
Resco Nail Trimmer
Styptic Powder

1. Make sure your pet is calm and secure
2. Hold your pet or have someone else hold them securely, but calmly
3. Hold your pet's paw in your hand and snip the tip of the nail off
4. If your pet has clear nails, you should be able to see the pink quick inside
5. If the nail is black, you won't be able to see the quick so snip only the very tip of the nail
6. Repeat the same process for every nail
7. Don't forget the dewclaw (the nail on the side of the paw)
8. Make sure to treat your pet with his or her favorite treat after to promote a positive experience

Note: The quick is the inner part of the nail. If it is clipped it will bleed and can be painful for your pet. Make sure you have styptic powder handy to clot the wound immediately.

Step 3: Replace Your Blade
After several uses, the blade of your nail trimmer will become dull and will need to be replaced. Check out this helpful video on how to replace the blade on your Resco Nail Trimmer.

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