Louise Duffy Portraits

Louise Duffy Painting

Louise Duffy known for her superb technique has a special gift for capturing the essence of the animal, its personality as well as a startling physical likeness. She uses tonal value, texture and color to indicate the uniqueness of her subjects. Her paintings have a simplicity and directness that reflect a genuine understanding and affection for the animal.

Weezie, Louise Duffy, graduated from Rosemont College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She has studied with Ted Goerschner, Todd Butler, Jean Buckley, and Jacqueline Chesley. Weezie works from photographs, but whenever possible meets with the animals and their owners in order to observe their relationship. This results in a fine fusion between composition and feeling, which is reflected in her work.

The artist creates her individually commissioned paintings with the finest archival pastels or oil paints. She has painted some of the top Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Thoroughbred race horses, as well as many canine champions and family pets.

Louise's paintings have appeared in many national publications such as Colonial Home Magazine, Chronicle Of The Horse, The Carriage Association Journal, Spur Magazine, Canine Images, Equine Images, and Connections Magazine as well as numerous featured articles in multiple newspapers.

  • Oil Golden Retriever
  • Oil Golden Flowers
  • Oil Labradoodle
  • Pastel Golden in Truck
  • Louise Duffy Commissioned Pet Portrait in Oil

    Louise Duffy Commissioned Pet Portrait in Oil

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  • Louise Duffy Commissioned Pet Portrait in Pastel

    Louise Duffy Commissioned Pet Portrait in Pastel

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