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Mascoti Quickies Bull Cheek Slices

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Mascoti Quickies Bull Cheek Slices are made only from the cheeks of bulls, providing an extra thick and chewy treat. First the cheek slices are boiled in hot water to remove the hair, and then simply slow baked. Extra chewy, long lasting, and full of collagen which is important as your dog ages. Consuming natural sources of collagen helps with the structural integrity of their tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones, and blood vessels.

  • 100% Grass fed beef from family owned cattle ranches
  • Only boiling water is used to remove the hair from the bull cheeks
  • An excellent, natural alternative to chemically processed rawhide
  • Extra chewy and long-lasting
  • Natural source of collagen
  • Chemical-Free, Preservative-Free and Additive-Free
  • Product of the Dominican Republic

NOTE: Supervise your pet when feeding this item, and always have plenty of water on hand. Once the chew becomes moist from your dog's saliva, odor or color transfer to fabrics or rugs in your home may occur.

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Mascoti Quickies Bull Cheek Slices

Mascoti Quickies Bull Cheek Slices