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Natures Miracle Housebreaking Spray 16oz

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Natures Miracle Housebreaking Spray helps teach pets to relieve themselves where you want them to go! Pheromonal scents, only detectable by a dog's delicate senses, act as an attractant telling dogs its okay to "go" on the spot you have sprayed.

  • Pheromone scent reduces time to housebreak your dog
  • Encourages dogs to "go" where you want them to urinate
  • For both Indoor & Outdoor training
  • Long lasting concentrated formula

Directions for use: Hold spray nozzle one inch from surface where you want your dog to "go". Spray approximately the size of a two inch circle. Lead dog to spot and allow dog to sniff the spot. Dog will soon realize that this is the approved place to "go". Praise when he/she performs. NOTE: length of time required to train properly will vary with individual dogs. Not for use on cats.

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