Fetch It

Have you ever asked yourself why dogs enjoy a game of fetch so much? Well their are a few theories out there as to why.  One idea dates back to the early domestication of dogs. Dogs that assisted in hunting and retriving game for their human masters were the ones that were kept and bred, so it may be man's early efforts at domesticating dogs that bred the love of "Fetch It" into our present day furry companions. In addition, just like humans, dogs release endorphines when they exercise, and the high speed chase to fetch a ball or a stick is one of the quickest ways for dogs to experience that "runners high". So they are happy to keep the "high" going by fetching again and again, almost without end. But maybe the most important reason why dogs love to play fetch is because they crave and love attention from their humans. Engaging in a hardy afternoon of fetch is a great way for dogs to recieve lots of attention and praise from the us. Whatever the motivation or the reason, Cherrybrook has a bunch of great Fetch toys, including tennis balls, frisbees, rubber balls, and ball lauchers so to that you and your dog can both enjoy all the benefits of a good game of Fetch.