Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog: A Guide to all Types of Dog Beds

Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog: A Guide to all Types of Dog Beds

Types of Dog Beds: Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Every dog owner knows that a comfortable place for their dog to rest is essential. It's not just about a place to rest their head; a dog bed is a haven, offering comfort and warmth or cooling off, soothing aches and pains, and sometimes, a place to escape the world. As diverse as our canine companions are, so too is the array of dog bed options available. Let's explore some popular types of dog beds and how to choose the perfect one for your pet. We will also mention different options you might consider when travelling with your pet including a trip to the dog show!

Choosing Bedding with your Dog's Coat Type in Mind

We all know that dogs have their own coat type, which often provides them with temperature regulation. Consider the difference between an Alaskan Malamute, able to withstand the cold temperatures with their thick, double coat, and an Italian Greyhound with their smooth coat and lean body. Choose a bedding material that suits your dog's temperature regulation needs and, the weather in your area!

Keeping Cool with Dog Cooling Mats

During warmer months, keeping your canine cool is a top priority. Cooling mats can be a lifesaver for breeds prone to overheating. Made from materials that absorb and dissipate heat, these mats provide a cool surface for your dog to lay on. Some even activate with pressure, meaning no refrigeration is necessary. Weight is less of a concern, but surface area is. Choose a size that allows your dog to lay with as much skin contact as possible to ensure the cooling effect works effectively.

Cooler Dog Turbo Cooling Mat

Warm Beds for the Winter Chills

Winter is harsh, and the cold can impact your dog's health, especially if they're older or have joint conditions like arthritis. Warm pet beds, sometimes heated, can offer relief and a respite from the chill. Your dog may also enjoy curling up in a donut bed, on a bed with fleece or plush material, or with an extra piece of bedding to nestle in to.

Elevated Comfort with Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog beds, also known as 'cots' or 'trampoline beds', are a versatile option for indoor and outdoor use. The elevation provides comfort in warmer conditions by allowing air to circulate from underneath, cooling your pet down. For indoors, these beds provide protection against drafts. When selecting a raised dog bed, consider the weight capacity to ensure it can support your dog. Outdoor use may require weather-resistant materials, and potentially a sunshade if your dog enjoys lounging outside for extended periods.

The Versatility of Crate Pads

Crate pads are often low-profile, easy to clean, and can come in styles to match your dog's personal needs. Size is critical here; your crate pad should fit snugly inside your dog's crate, without flipping up at the sides and without gaps between the bed and the crate walls. For those still in the stage of chewing, a durable, chew-resistant pad might be ideal.

MidWest QuietTime Sheepskin Pad

Traveling in Comfort: Considerations for Show Dogs

When travelling to shows, a portable, comfortable bed is a must. Look for lightweight and foldable options. Consider if your dog will have separate crates in your vehicle, hotel, or in the dog show building. Additionally, factor in if you'd like your dog to have a bed, they like to curl up in during the dog show down time, whether that be in their crate, in an exercise pen, or safely on a grooming table. Don't forget about washability; accidents can be stressful but easily resolved with a quick clean. You will also want to make sure your show dog's bedding is easy to dry so that when spots while on the road do not cause discomfort or getting their beautifully groomed coat wet!

Trusted Brands

When it comes to trusted brands offering quality dog beds, Midwest and Arlee stand out.

Midwest is a fantastic option for high-quality crate pads and pet beds. Midwest offers a variety of sizes, materials, and fun designs as well - making it easy to find a perfect fit for your dog's needs.

Arlee is known for its plush, aesthetically pleasing dog beds that don't compromise on comfort. Their beds are tailor-made for those cold winter nights when your pet needs a cozy spot to snuggle up.

Both brands offer reliable options for your pet's comfort at home or during travel and are certainly worth considering when shopping for the perfect dog bed.

Arlee Cody Original Cuddler Bed

Conclusion: Tailoring to Your Dog's Unique Needs

With the right bed, you're not just providing a spot for your dog to sleep—you're giving them a home within your home. Consider your dog's unique needs and preferences when choosing a bed. After all, we all deserve our own little slice of heaven, dogs included. Whether it's for lounging, cooling down, or traveling, there is a perfect bed out there for every dog.

Jan 26th 2024 Katie McGinn

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