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Crown Royale Sporting Dog Formula 16 Brushing Spray for Hard and Wiry Coats

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The Crown Royale Sporting Dog Brushing Spray #16 was specifically designed for dogs with hard and wiry coats. Not only is #16 Brushing Spray an extremely effective way to reduce the amount of debris and clutter in your dogs coat, but the benefits don't stop there! Along with preventing coat matting, this brushing spray also has a natural fragrance and doesn't leave any heavy buildup. Crown Royale Sporting Dog sprays help protect your dog's specific coat type and prevent static buildup to keep the coat in excellent condition.

  • Made specifically for dogs with hard and wiry
  • Prevents coat matting, reduces debris, won't leave heavy buildup
  • Keeps the coat in excellent condition
  • Keeps your pet looking fresh, no matter where the adventure leads
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