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Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Muzzle

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  • Coastal Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Muzzle
  • Sizing Information for the Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Muzzle


The Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle, by Coastal Pet Products, is designed for the perfect fit when temporarily muzzling your dog.

  • Loop and hook chin strap for a custom fit
  • Elastic across the top prevents muzzle from riding up into the dog's eyes
  • Allows dog to comfortably drink water and pant

This item is intended to be used for a short duration under close supervision. Prolonged use or improperly fitted muzzles can affect a dog's natural ability to cool itself through panting.

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Additional Information

Sizing Info

Size Breed
Snout Circumference
X-Small Pomeranian, Poodle
3" - 3.75"
Small Dachshund, Beagle
4.5" - 6"
Medium Basset Hound, Weimaraner
6.5" - 9"
Large Retriever, German Shepherd
8.5" - 10.5"
X-Large Great Dane, Mastiff
10" - 13"

How to Use

  1. Unfasten chin strap. Place muzzle over dog's nose. Adjust for custom fit. Secure chin strap.
  2. Buckle strap and adjust for comfortable, secure fit.
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