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Yes, Your Pet Should Use Conditioner- Here's Why

Yes, Your Pet Should Use Conditioner- Here's Why

If you shampoo your dog correctly, you will get it clean, but the job is not completed unless you also use a conditioner. Shampoo uses surfactants to remove unwanted dirt, dust, dander, and oil from your pet's coat. This is great, but in removing all the stuff we don't want, some of the beneficial natural oils are also washed down the drain.

By choosing to complete a great bath by pairing shampoo with conditioner, you can accomplish several things:

  • You replace the sebum (natural skin oil) that you washed off with the shampoo.
  • Fight static. Static can contribute to tangles, and who wants those?
  • Smooth the cuticle of the hair shafts, making the hair easier to brush and comb.
  • Help release shedding hair so it can come free of the coat.
  • Make the hair feel softer and smoother.
  • Give hair more luster and shine.
  • Help prevent matting.
  • Aid in protecting the coat from environmental damage.

Different conditioners accomplish different goals. It all comes down to the ingredients used in each product. It can be confusing to know which conditioner is right for your dog's coat. Using any conditioner is better than using none at all, but read on to learn which might be best for your dog.

  • Chris Christensen After you Bathe is a very light conditioner that contains acidifiers and silicone. This product receives rave reviews from Poodle and Bichon owners because it conditions without weighing the coat down.
  • Spectrum Ten Conditioner is perfect for drop coats, with emulsifiers added to give the fur that extra "slip" that makes drop coats shine and flow.
  • Miracle Moisture Conditioner contains proteins that help "plump" the hair. This product is rich in moisturizers and adds lots of shine and texture.
  • Ice on Ice Conditioner contains Moroccan Argan Oil and cosmetic grade silicones and is fabulous at combatting tangles.
  • Day to Day Conditioner is designed to help over-stressed coats to look and feel their best. In addition, this product works well on pets with dry or irritated skin.

After choosing which conditioner is best for your pet's coat, follow the manufacturer's instructions on dilution rates and application time. After that, all that is left to do is rinse well and enjoy the difference that using a good conditioner makes on your dog's beautiful coat.

Oct 5th 2021 Daryl Conner

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