Your Guide to The Winning Look

Your Guide to The Winning Look

It’s show season and time to make sure your dog is looking its very best when they strut their stuff.

You can start with one of our nylon loop show leads. These comfortable leads come in various sizes and colors to blend in with or compliment your dog.

When you need to add texture and volume to your crisp coats, savvy handlers recommend Chris Christensen Colestral, followed by chalk to add body to furnishings. Work the Colestral into the fur, then use the Chris Christensen Powder and Chalk brush to apply chalk, making application a breeze.

After the show, dilute Hydra Intense Repair in hot water and spray it thoroughly through furnishings until they are damp. Allow them to air dry. This will help replace moisture lost from chalks and sprays without compromising any wiry texture.

If your black dog looks a little dull or faded from the sun, try Black on Black shampoo. By following up with After U Bathe, you will be amazed at the color and shine that result.

Suppose your white or light dog looks dingy or yellow; White on White shampoo to the rescue! Developed to reduce yellow stains, it contains optic brighteners that leave the coat with a lustrous sheen. If your light-colored dog has problems with staining around their eyes, mouths, or paws, Shazam whitening gel will lighten things up with just a few applications.

Struggling with a floppy top knot or saggy furnishings? Try Chris Christensen V Force Spray. To use, separate the hair and apply it close to the skin. Then comb up and out to achieve enviable volume.

Crown Royal Magic Touch is the ultimate finishing spray, a long-time staple in tack boxes everywhere.

Chris Christensen pin brushes are perfect for many types of show coats. With its high quality, smooth pins, and durable, firm cushion, these brushes are comfortable to use and really deliver to maintain lovely fur.

For drop-coated breeds, don’t miss the iGroom Squalene line. They offer shampooconditioner, and conditioning spray. Used together, they reduce frizz and keep coats straight and flowing for maximum impact when flying around the ring.

No matter what challenges you face this show season, we have products to help make your dog shine. 

May 16th 2022 Daryl Conner

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