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MidWest Snap'y Fit Steel Water and Food Bowls

$7.99 - $16.99
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  • MidWest Snap'y Fit Water and Food Bowls
  • Inserting the MidWest Snap'y Fit Water and Food Bowl
  • MidWest Snap'y Fit Water and Food Bowls
  • MidWest Snap'y Fit Food Bowl Attached to Crate


The MidWest Snap'y Fit® Bowls feature a patented locking system that prevents your pet from dislodging the bowl and spilling food and water inside the crate.

  • Made with rust-proof brushed stainless steel
  • Bracket locks hold the bowl firmly in place while allowing for easy removal
  • Prevents food and water spillage
  • Grommet hanger and labels allow hanging shelf display
  • For elevated feeding
  • Available in 10oz, 20oz, 1qt, and 2qt sizes
Size Dimensions Capacity
10 Ounces 3" Diameter x 1.5" Deep 1.25 cups
20 Ounces 3" Diameter x 2" Deep 2.50 cups
32 Ounces 6" Diameter x 2.6" Deep 4 cups
64 Ounces 8" Diameter x 3" Deep 8 cups
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