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Safari Wooden Handle Shedding Combs

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The Safari Wooden Handle Shedding comb is an excellent tool for breaking up and removing mats. The special skip tooth design lifts out loose hair--the long teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat, while the short teeth collect the loose hair.

  • Reduces shedding and removes loose hair
  • For use on all coat types
  • Contoured wooden handle
  • The smooth rounded teeth are gentle to the skin


For heavily matted hair, use this comb and a Safari rake or slicker to safely remove mats.

The Safari Shedding Comb gently pulls through through the coat. Begin combing from the head, working toward the tail and down the legs. Comb small sections at a time, always combing in the direction of hair growth until all tangles are removed. Be sure to comb behind ears, base of tail, under legs, nape of neck and abdomen which can easily mat on dogs with undercoats.

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Safari Wooden Handle Shedding Combs

Safari Wooden Handle Shedding Combs